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"Welcome to MedAchievers, your global think-tank and action hub. Collaborating with international leaders, we pioneer AI-driven health tech, ensuring uniform healthcare for the last mile. Join us in shaping the future with innovative tools, cross-border business exchanges, digital health solutions, and precision medicine, guided by policies that redefine healthcare worldwide."

Medcatalyst is committed service of MedAchievers that comes from the best of brains (leaders) of the world leading to;

# Investment designing and provisioning in Healthcare.

# Precise product designing and placement in or from specific market specially India, Israel, UAE, UK and Australia. 

# Mentoring and Experts on Boards

# Logic and Policy design for international market.

In Short this brings best equation between Ideation, Investment and Implementation leading to business and success.

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Vaccine Production Line

MedAchievers at its MedTech Lab with presence and partnership with world's leading companies and Institutions brings precise and in-time evolution in healthcare. This involves right from conception of the idea to management of ready to use setup to create MVP and eventually final product after application testing and validation. Today this approach has brought Covid 19 RT PCR  kits, Ventilator, Oxygen concentrator to Covid vaccine in record time. And Medtech Lab continues to work with leaders to help the healthcare community.

# AI and ML in Healthtech development and placement.

# Molecular technology and Genomics with leaders in respective segment.

# Pharmaceutical and Bio-pharmaceutical with best manufacturers of the world.

# Clinical validations and testing solution with committed partners across borders.

If there is anything which brings value to the healthcare community, we have a solution to support you. As we work with the world, for the world.

There is fine line that differentiates Trained from Educated

The education given and technology used to practice the same aren't proportional and sufficient to define the required entry in today's healthcare practice. With ever changing departments like AI, ML, Healthtech, Genomics and layers of tech in data management and patient communication, the need for continuous training from the Blue collar staff to the Doctors in respective areas has evolved as inevitable need. 

MedAcademy partners best of the medical facilities, technology development companies, research labs and Hospitals to bring best possible ways of short term training programs with practical exposure.

These training programs are designed at various levels and allows the institution to collaborate with our team and bring world class programs for their fleet of operational staff and experts in respective segment of healthcare.

Let us know your requirement and we will share the best possible solution.


Medparliament the globally present elite and curated forum of healthcare leaders is a well established committed think tank to bring action oriented policies and solution towards uniform healthcare covering the 75% of unaddressed population of healthcare seekers across various parts of the world. 

# Policies that makes easy involvement of stake holders towards action oriented planning.

#Help policy makers to establish standard policies applicable and agreeable with rest part of prospective world.

#Bring leaders from different spheres under one umbrella.

MedParliament with its presence in India, Australia, Singapore, UAE and UK brings the knowledge of need and solution through best of its team working for 1000s of days and leadership meetings with the last mile service providers.


One ecosystem of integrated solutions


Emergency management tools and solutions for homeware, patient transport and In-patient care using AI and Tele-medicine.


Nano-technology enabled clothing series for healthcare workers tested and verified by TUV Rheinland.


End to end design and manufacturing solution for Diagnostics kits and machinery related to Molecular and high-end diagnostics.


AI enabled smart solutions in patient transport and remote care management at Ambulance Me, project designed to save lives.

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It is all about Celebrating the presence of Healthcare and bring best information to the network and world.