Welcome to the Global Parliament of Healthcare Leadership!!

Today, the nature of healthcare is very dynamic, global and interactive. This is era of Genomics, personalized medicine, hospitals with hospitality, Artificial Intelligence, wearable devices and IoT. We at MedAchievers with our strong international presence since 2014 specially in India, Australia, USA, UK, Israel and Singapore have mastered the art of transactions. And have found that transformation can be achieved if done uniformly through discussions, idea sharing, strength transfer and frugal innovations. Conferences and summits are not enough, we need a strong platform that will  address the pathways to create quality and affordable healthcare with entrepreneurs in a selected and uniform gathering of leaders with complementary skills. MedParliament is the launch of interactive platform that leads towards" Globalization and Transformation of Healthcare".

Healthcare is perfect amalgamated team work between expertise including Clinical expertise, Research labs, Pharmaceuticals, Diagnostics, Information technology, Management expertise, Hospitality, Infrastructure, Funding and many others.  

The Intention

What it means to be a healthcare practitioner in 2019 is vastly different to what it will be in 2025, let alone to how it was in 2010. 

Training and upgrade opportunity for healthcare professionals must evolve and should allow them to get exposed to needed technology and apply the same in their practice.  

The Process

MedParliament will address each of the critical areas associated with healthcare practice and management. Emerging trends will be highlighted, new opportunities presented and practical information will be passed on from the leaders shaping healthcare in India and around the world.  

This conference should be attended by healthcare professionals, clinicians, senior management of businesses related to healthcare, education organisations, funds, investors, government and start-ups with innovative ideas in healthcare.

Parliament is the place where policies, solutions, standard protocols and common model of work is created after consulting leaders from different domain and geography. Similarly, “MedParliament" (with is global presence and hosted on MedParliament.com) shall be launched as global Parliament of Healthcare Business that shall be attended by leaders from different parts of the world​ as members. Some of the top Minds shall gather to draw common solutions and methods to manage the conflict in healthcare management. A glittery constellation of Healthcare CEOs, Research and tech titans, venture capitalists from different parts of the globe shall share deeper ways of collaboration and Transaction.

MedParliament is not a summit it’s a Parliament.

Let's Transform Healthcare together!!

29th JULY


The day shall be power-packed day for technical evaluation and road-map development of concepts, innovative tools and clinical procedures at the most reputed at credible centre of AIIMS (Delhi) and shall be presented in The MedParliament for Business traction.

30th JULY


The day of Panel discussions, Networking, Business alliance, Transactions and Media coverage.

Celebrity Australian cricket player and commentator Michael Clarke shall share his journey and insights in healthcare entrepreneurship to leading stars of Healthcare from different parts of the world.

Nomination of MedParliament committee.

Expert panel discussions and open house.


Transactions and announcements.

Launch of MedAchievers magazine and online TV.

Recognition and Felicitation of Healthcare Leaders

Venue for MedParliament and Leadership Lunch: The Leela Palace, Chanakyapuri, Delhi

Cocktail Reception and Networking evening at Australian High Commission, New Delhi.


MedParliament coverage and Broadcast Partner CNBC TV & Business Article partner FORBES

31st JULY


Final agreements and hospital facility visits with on-site clinical and technical discussions followed by business alignment in the Medparliament shall happen on the last day.

As the MedAchievers' MedParliament is by invitation only, The details of all the three ( one day Pre-Parliament and Post Parliament) days shall be shared with the guests directly on their respective emails.

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Key benefits of participation

The participating leaders shall have unique opportunities. We have highlighted key benefits in the following points:

  • Share your leadership and mark your direct presence in global business.

  • One year access to business opportunities on MedParliament through dedicated page for members only.

  • Opportunities to invest, get invested, access market and enter in JV with global leaders.

  • Share opportunities and challenges with authorities and diplomats.

  • Get featured in CNBC TV (including CNBC Youtube handle) the broadcast partner and event article coverage on FORBES India.

  • MedParliament shall be sharing transaction opportunities to the leading parliamentarians including Research, Technology, Funding and Joint Ventures.

  • The Participants shall get opportunity to showcase the strength and attract opportunities to establish themselves in Healthcare business

  • Medparliament has a very strategic and royal seating arrangement with a very limited number of participants that shall allow every participant to interact and make business for themselves.

  • MedParliament is being attended by Celebrities, Titans and billionaires from different parts of the world including Mr. Michael Clarke, The well known Cricket player, commentator and entrepreneur. And provides and opportunity for delegate leaders to interact and share business with such personalities.

  • The leadership lunch at The Leela Palace and Exclusive Dinner at Australian High commission shall offer all the participants an opportunity to transact across borders with leaders.

  • More details shall be shared over the personal email to participants directly. To get the invitation details, please mail your interest to connect@medachievers.com

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