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The MedAchievers Today Foundation is registered under Section 8 of companies act, Government of India having its registration number U85100UP2019NPL123917. The foundation is the philanthropic arm of Medachievers, a renowned global healthcare strategy, innovation and investment house. Bringing together strategic partners and supporters to make a meaningful and impactful contribution to the healthcare of those most in need. 

The visibility Medachievers has over the state of healthcare in India is unparalleled. So comes a deep understanding of the needs of the vulnerable as well as methods to be able to generate sustainable solutions which enable individuals and communities to flourish. 

Seldom in life is there a circumstance where a person and their family is more vulnerable than when they fall ill. No more fear can be seen in the eyes of a parent, child or sibling than when a loved one begins to succumb to a health issue. The impact of this trauma on families and communities is immense. Medachievers has actively worked to ease this burden for years through many innovative initiatives which continue to this day. The Medachievers Today Foundation enables partners and supports to become involved in an official and transparent way. 

Supported by healthcare organisations, technology companies and communities of Doctors, the Medachievers Today Foundation turns potential into action and impact every day. With a mandate underpinned by ethics and transparency, supporters and partners of the Foundation are able to track and understand the exact impact generated by the application of their financial support. They are further able to dedicate their support to particular projects and initiatives if they so choose. 

Health is a cornerstone in the process of uplifting individuals, families and communities and setting the circumstances for flourishing and thriving. Healthcare is the speciality of Medachievers and the Medachievers community have taken on the responsibility to serve and enrich the lives of the least fortunate. 


The Medachievers Today Foundation is more than a philanthropic arm of an international conglomerate. Rather, its founders and supporters are ‘hands on’ in each project with the dedication of their time, effort, and expertise to ensure the success of the project in meeting the goals and supporting people in their time of need. 

Abstract Structure
MedAchievers background 2.png
MedAchievers background 2.png

  • The MedAchievers Today Foundation has created implementation cells for application of technology in managed healthcare for not privileged or needy society. 

  • The Foundation through its robust reporting and tracking mechanisms as well as ‘open books´ approach to the uplifting of community health, is able to show contributors exactly where their funds have been deployed and the impact therefrom. 

  • The MedAchievers Today innovation support is one of the most aspiring initiatives where the team has applied technology in upliftment of healthcare system involving cohorts of leaders from Healthcare, Technology, Investment and Policy making.

  • Last but not the least; The foundation carries is young DNA of global entrepreneurs, this makes the concept of charity a choice not force.

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Covid-19 Screening

The Covid Care

Supporting people with Covid-19 to remain safely at home is an important element to ease the burden on healthcare centres as well as providing comfort to patients. The Foundation through its bespoke wearable devices connects patients to doctors for ongoing monitoring. Artificial intelligence and machine learning further assist doctors in monitoring the patients and alerting if there is a decline in any of the vital parameters. This is critical technology makes a meaningful difference to the Covid-19 experience of patients and their families. By providing accurate monitoring to patients from home, they are able to evade the high risk of further exposure at hospitals as well as the associated expenses.

Inside an Ambulance


When a patient declines as a result of a Covid-19 related complication, every second counts. The Medachievers Today Foundation is enabling ambulances to meet the need of patients more than every before. Through the availability of a mobile application, patients can see where nearby ambulances are and book an appropriate one for the level of care they are requiring. Further, the implementation of our smart wearables in the ambulance transforms the vehicle into a smart point of care, streaming the live patient information to the inbound treatment facility. This allows the inbound care team to be prepared for the patients arrival and guide the ambulance staff with required treatments as they are en route.

MedAchievers covid wall.png

We welcome you to partner in helping patients.

# As India and entire world fights through Covid 19 we are committed to bring best possible support including

  1. Clinical support.

  2. Deployment of Oxygen Concentrators

  3. Remote Monitoring devices

  4. 24/7 help to manage distressed patients in finding life saving medicines and hospital availability.

  5. Ambulance support.

The team is working closely with leading clinicians and has the knowledge of exact situation and requirement. As MedAchievers is part of clinical fraternity, the reach to every patient is directly managed by the leading clinical warriors of the country.



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