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The MedAchievers Today Foundation is registered under Section 8 of companies act, Government of India having its registration number U85100UP2019NPL123917. The foundation is the philanthropic arm of Medachievers, a renowned global healthcare strategy, innovation and investment house. Bringing together strategic partners and supporters to make a meaningful and impactful contribution to the healthcare of those most in need. 

The visibility Medachievers has over the state of healthcare in India is unparalleled. So comes a deep understanding of the needs of the vulnerable as well as methods to be able to generate sustainable solutions which enable individuals and communities to flourish. 

Seldom in life is there a circumstance where a person and their family is more vulnerable than when they fall ill. No more fear can be seen in the eyes of a parent, child or sibling than when a loved one begins to succumb to a health issue. The impact of this trauma on families and communities is immense. Medachievers has actively worked to ease this burden for years through many innovative initiatives which continue to this day. The Medachievers Today Foundation enables partners and supports to become involved in an official and transparent way. 

Supported by healthcare organisations, technology companies and communities of Doctors, the Medachievers Today Foundation turns potential into action and impact every day. With a mandate underpinned by ethics and transparency, supporters and partners of the Foundation are able to track and understand the exact impact generated by the application of their financial support. They are further able to dedicate their support to particular projects and initiatives if they so choose. 

Health is a cornerstone in the process of uplifting individuals, families and communities and setting the circumstances for flourishing and thriving. Healthcare is the speciality of Medachievers and the Medachievers community have taken on the responsibility to serve and enrich the lives of the least fortunate. 


The Medachievers Today Foundation is more than a philanthropic arm of an international conglomerate. Rather, its founders and supporters are ‘hands on’ in each project with the dedication of their time, effort, and expertise to ensure the success of the project in meeting the goals and supporting people in their time of need. 

We understand challenges and solution!!

MedAchievers Today Foundation is exclusive in its origin and so way of working. As healthcare think tank and manager of ecosystem, MedAchievers brings best of the knowledge from more than 2 decades of presence in Global Healthcare. 


We Bring: Knowledge of 100s of leaders in action to help the needy.

We believe: Real time learning and domain expertise makes any endeavour bigger, better and successful. And we bring the knowledge from best parts and leaders of the world.

Our Strength that solves big challenges of 2021: MedAchievers Today Foundation through its parent body MedAchievers P. Ltd. brings 1000s of Hospitals, Doctors, Investors, Thought Leaders, Technologists and supporters from different parts of the world. And thus is capable of developing support required to help needy in shortest period of time and in the best possible way.

PIC: Glimpse of our deeper roots and model of presence in the Industry.

Celebrity Cricketer Michael Clarke

Ex captain of Australian Cricket team, celebrity commentator and Investor Michael Clarke was at Medparliament 2019.

MedParliament 2019

The panel of leaders from India and Australia with Rod Hilton, Acting High Commissioner, Embassy of Australia.

Medparliament power table

Medparliament power table with health leaders with International leaders and Dr. Naresh Trehan, Chairman, Medanta Medicity on Day 2.

Mr. Ashwini Chowbey

Health. Minister of State (Govt. of India), Mr. Ashwini Choubey.

Mega star Amitabh Bachchan

Mega Star Amitabh Bachchan received the MedAchievers award for his contribution in polio vaccination campaigns.

Medparliament Powertable

Medparliament power table with the global leaders.

Dr. Harsh Vardhan

Dr. Harsh Vardhan, Health Minister of India at 1st MedAchievers, MedParliament in 2014.

The Grand MedAchievers Launch

Glimpse of the debut MedAchievers Medparliament.

Mr. Daniel Andrews

Mr. Daniel Andrews, Premier of Victoria (Australia) with the Founder MedParliament.

The Fireside chat

The Fireside chat between Mr. Michael Clarke and Dr. Harsha Vardhan at Medparliament.

MedAchievers covid wall.png

Let's fight together to save lives and stop the spread of Covid 19..

This is universally known fact that Covid-19 has grappled large population of world and India is one with large and growing number of patients on daily basis. With more than 300,000 positive cases per day, the requirement of hospital beds, oxygen and medical aid is increasing on daily basis.

The world has united to support Healthcare ecosystem and help worst hit healthcare providers as they are working in the mid of positive patients. MedAchievers Today Foundation is trying its best by connecting with hundreds of hospitals to understand the needs and further steps and could conclude on a working model that would help us to save more number of lives by managing timely provision of needed aids like Oxygen, beds, monitor and accurate testing. 

Out of many challenges, we selected couple of most important ones that are required immediately to support better care of the patients admitted or looking for the admissions in over flooded hospitals in different parts of India. 

MedAchievers model of solution: 

1. Our team works closely with healthcare providers to find the gap and required support.

2. Then we try to find the best suitable solution whether fund, technology  or support.

3. A deployment is shared with the needy person or organisation with fastest timelines.

4. Finally the impact monitor is placed with needed indicators to find if that works or a change is required.

Hospital Corridor

The Covid Care

The requirements to make the treatment for Covid -19 has gone unmanageable for one so we need to join hands with best possible solutions. Out of many required needs, we through a network of 500 plus hospitals are working on following.

  • Oxygen supply management by increasing the source of generation like Bulk and portable concentrators. 

  • Increasing number of temporary beds with monitors by associating treatment rooms in highly populated societies and hospitals.

  • Deployment of portable solution to support the remote end requirement in different cities.

Inside an Ambulance

Testing & Transportation 

Another big challenge is the lead time between testing and reporting. And difficulty in finding the solution for transportation with required support facilities within given timeframe. 

MedAchievers the parent body of the foundation is also approved by Indian Council of Medical Research for Covid testing kits has been working on mobile testing options with leading partners in order to make the RT PCR tests available and reduce the reporting time. We need to manage the false negative or false positive reports in order to render accurate line of treatment. 

Covid-19 patients need better and secure patient transport with reservoir of Oxygen to avert any crisis. And Medachievers is working. with leading providers in insuring fully equipped fleet of Ambulances.

med 11.png

Stop the Spread

One of the major problems found by the team of MedAchievers is large number of spread. And there are some of the immediate and manageable steps that we devised.

As we all have limited staff with full time PPE and protective gear on during their work hours in suspected covid positive areas. That population largely involves economically not so strong but crucial members of working team starting with security personals, cleaners, associated staff and similar profiles. And when they leave back home, generally unknowingly they carry the infection back to community where they stay and thus increase chances of further spread.

So, we have TUV Rheinland and NABL lab certified Anti-viral clothing for those staffs, which kills the virus upto 99.9% upto 20 washes making them safe at workplace. And MedAchievers is distributing these clothing to as many as possible with your support.

Protective Gear

Health @ Home

Looking at the number of Covid cases, one thing is very clear that over-crowded Hospital beds should be left for most needy ones. And the healthy but infected where just guidance and monitoring can help to manage the situation should have a solution at home.

So, MedAchievers is trying to manage to get robust solution through its contributing partners that can be easily deployed at the home of the patient. The solutions include:

  • Live remote monitor

  • Portable oxygen concentrator 

  • Tele-medicine facility 

  • Medicine assistance

With our existing and new contributors we are very sure that soon we shall be in a position to reach many house holds.  

med 11.png
We invite you to join hands and support mankind!!

Every help in any relevant form that can save a life is precious and MedAchievers invites you to join hands to support by contributing with Funds or Technology or Equipments that can help to save lives and stop the spread. We understand if you are geographically not located at convenient distance then contribution might not be very easy, so we have devised options to make it suitable.

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