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MedAchievers is an International business conglomerate crafted to serve the ever transforming healthcare industry. With 100s of leadership power tables, business discussions, presence and operations in various countries along with inter-industry leaders, MedAchievers offers deep in-sight and precise solution to every need of healthcare professionals and industry.


With the DNA that codes for focused Interaction, discover Innovation,  structure Investment and Implementation. The group offers right balance of ingredients (Clinical science, Economics, Management skills, Technology, Infrastructure, Investment, Networking etc.). We have specific segment and respective experts within MedAchievers for Healthcare Professionals, Students, Entrepreneurs and Academic Institutions. The team works all across leading countries including India, USA, Australia, UK, Israel, Africa and Europe to keep the quality, scale and value of offering as per global standards.




MedAchievers understands that Healthcare is a huge insdustry and so needs a dedicated voice to exchange meaningful advancement across the world. Some of the highighted facts about MedAchievers Media are;

  • Dedicated team of international  leaders for real time content.

  • International internet TV for global coverage on healthcare advancement at MedAchievers.TV

  • Business oriented international magazine series with applicational research insights.

  • Prestigious MedAchievers awards since 2014


MedCatalysts is the robust business platform and is an initiative of MedAchievers to serve the global market working the field of healthcare.

  • Strategy management

  • Brand establishment

  • Mentoring

  • JV and partnerships

  • Financial structuring and Funding

  • Go to market


Medparliament is an international initiative of healthcare leaders. The structure is designed to allow;

  • Facilitate discussions between leaders of the world.

  • Derive global policies and startegies for better and affordable healthcare.

  • Create opportunity for transaction between countries.

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While the world is full of active Trade associations, Incubators and Political associations having healthcare as one sector of activity.  Founder of MedAchievers, Dr. Harsha Vardhan a young and prolific serial entrepreneur working exclusively in healthcare at global scale realized the need of a holistic healthcare platform that connects all needed aspects and attributes for great healthcare service delivery. And he believes it can happen only through positive thought and integrated approach of industry from different parts of the world. And so "MED - representing  Healthcare" and "Achievers that speaks for itself" were joined to make "MedAchievers initially as an online brand and then a company limited by shares".  MedAchievers in a short span since 2014 has been partnering and working with leaders like National Health Services (Government of United Kingdom), Government of Australia (Victoria), Government of Estonia, Department of Health (Government of India), Indian Medical Association, USAID, WHO, Leading hospital chains of India and world, Research institutions, more than 50K Doctors and Medical students, Publishers and data analysts.


We are proud to work with the leaders and eminent partners who have made our work closer to achievements. We keep investing in team and technology learning. MedAchievers has achieved a strong presence in the healthcare innovation, start-up and global transactions in India, Australia, United Kingdom and United States of America.  We are also present in Africa, SriLanka and Bangladesh through our Partners. Our new initiative "MedAchievers Connect" is designed to support technology support, solution provisioning and connecting leaders on personal basis with Industry, Academia and Students. 

Glimpse of MedAchievers

The MedParliament
Michael Clarke with Harsha Vardhan
Mr.Ashwini Kumar Chaubey
MedAchievers connect launch
The grand Board room
Dr. Harsha Vardhan and Mr. Michael K
The auspicious beginning
MedAchievers smile time
The moment
MedAchievers @ IMA HQ
The industry loves MedAchievers
MedAchievers UKTI
MedAchievers global
Dr. Devi shetty
The policy makers






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